Playstation Firmware

Playstation Firmware

Playstation Firmware PS4

Here You Can  Download Playstation Firmware The PlayStation PS4 system software was released on 12, 12, 2018.   install system software OS version 6.20.

Warning Playstation Firmware Updating

Be Careful When Update PS4 All User Data Will Erased

Update PS4 Playstation Firmware

Computer Connected To Internet Connection

An USB Drive 2 GB

Create On USB Driver Update Folder And Save IT Named (PS4) Inside The Folder

Create Folder Wich Named (Update) Now Download Firmware And Past It In Update

Folder Change File Name “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.

Switched Off PS4 Check that the power indicator is not lit. If the power indicator

is lit up in orange, Press Power Key At Least 7 Seconds Connect The USB Drive With

PS4 For Save Mode Press Power Key At 7 Seconds Follow The Screen For Full


If Your PS4 System Not Reconized Check File And Folder Name Is Correct

Otherwise byte characters using uppercase letters.

Playstation Firmware

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